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Exploring new sexual positions when dating a new partner can be great fun, but what happens when you are not that into the positions that your partner suggests? Woodside escorts say that it is perfectly okay to say no, but at the same time suggest something different. Woodside escorts say that it can be very tempting to go through the entire Kama Sutra the first couples of weeks when you are together, but at the same time Woodside escorts suggest that it is not such as good idea.

According to Woodside escorts, it is easy to burn out the sexual side of the relationship this way, and you need to take some time out to just explore each other. Sex is about so much more than just the physical act, and the position sometimes becomes secondary to the feeling. Most Woodside escorts suggest that we should try to find out what works for one persona, and then move over to the next person. Woodside escorts say that many partners have certain needs, and that we are also physically different from each other.

Men may have a need to be in a certain position to achieve orgasm, and women will have the same need as well. Recognizing the different needs and variations are very important, and Woodside escorts say that we should explore all options, Most women are frighten to say that something does not feel good, but Woodside escorts like encourage us to speak our minds.

Tell Him

If it doesn’t feel good or if it isn’t turning you on, you really need to evaluate what you are doing to each other in bed. Sex should be enjoyable but if it comes to a point where it is not, you need to speak up. Men are a bit sensitive about these things but if he really wants to make love to you, he will learn to adapt.

The likelihood that what you are experiences is what his previous girlfriends experienced as well. If it didn’t work for them, why would it work for you. Sex is important but all of us women should teach our sexual partners that sensuality is important as well. There are some positions which just are outright uncomfortable for women, and you just need to be able to tell your man.


Can sensuality make some positions more enjoyable? It certainly can, and sensuality is all about turning you on. The more turned on you are, the more likely you are to enjoy the new position. Reading through some books on seduction, you will notice that it seldom talks about sensuality. Most of the time the word isn’t even mentioned, and that is a great shame. Sensuality and sensual love making is very important, and will impact on your enjoyment of the position.

Making love and having sex are two very explosive topics, and it can be difficult to discuss them with your new date. Even people who have been together for a long time find it difficult to talk about.

Cheap Escorts In London: A Day In The Life

Cynthia has been an escort in London for two years. She is a beautiful red haired vixen who ran away from a stifling small town and came to London for a life of excitement and adventure. She loves her work as she’s a total party girl at heart. Cynthia says that what she enjoys best about being an escort is the way she gets to make her date feel like the most wanted man in the world. With a coy toss of her hair, a sultry pout and a sleazy look she loves to reduce her date to a hot quivering mess.

By day Alexis is a boring and unremarkable librarian by night she is a seductive siren. She loves shed her librarian invisibility to dress in sexy gear.

Her shift as an escort starts at 6 and ends at 12 so her first date might be at 6 which gives her very little time to prepare before her driver picks her up. She charges cheap rates, as low as £80 depending on what services her date desires. Whatever his plans Cynthia likes to drive her date wild. She will join him for a drink or expensive meal in a restaurant or sometimes meet him in a hotel room or apartment. She can hypnotize him with her beautiful eyes, the suggestive sway of her hips and the subtle way she brushes her breasts against him.

She always lets her man take the lead unless he has requested otherwise and has done plenty of kinky things with clients if that was their preference. She’s open minded and loves to play roles enjoying dominating and being dominated. She says she loves the instant gratification in terms of money and sexually. She also adores the attention.

Cynthia started working as an escort when Sandra kissed her in the WC of a nightclub. It was a deep, sexy kiss and the stranger startled and excited her by cupping Cynthia’s breast in her hands and squeezing. “Do you want to make some money and have some fun?” she breathed in Cynthia’s ear. Cynthia felt a wild tingle of excitement as she whispered yes. She and the girl, who was an escort, left the club and were driven to a hotel room. The date sat on a chair while Sandra stripped Cynthia naked and began touching, kissing and biting her all over her body as her juices flowed like they had never before. In the car on the way home Sandra took the envelope of cash and split it in two offering Cynthia half. It was the beginning of a beautiful adventure.

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